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Don’t Buy Another Wristwatch Until You Read This (Save $$$)

Posted on: February 13th, 2019 by Kenneth Thompson

What would you do if you needed a watch to wear to an interview that could clinch you a $10 million deal, but all you had to spend was $50?

Which watch should you buy, if getting something cheap and tacky looking would mean losing out on a $10 million contract?

Well, if I had a budget of $100,000 instead of just $50, I’d get myself something fancy like an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar, or a wicked looking Patek Philippe.

Wearing a watch that costs $100,000 would definitely make a statement and I think I’d be able to clinch the deal and still have $900,000 to spare!

But with a limited $50 budget finding an awesome watch might be a problem. Especially if you want to make a good first impression with it.

You see, the problem is that there are some watches that are so premium, well built and pleasing to the eye that they sell for $1000+ or more.

But as nice as they look, they are mainly status symbols for the rich and the investment in the watch isn’t really going to benefit most people i.e people like you and I with a $50 budget.

On the other end of the spectrum we’ve got the really cheap, poor functioning watches that cost less than a cup of coffee.

I once bought a $5 dollar watch straight from China. It felt cheap on my hand, the fit wasn’t right and after only one wear (!) it fell apart when I tried to set the time.. Here's what it looked like:

It's safe to say I’m never buying a watch like that again!

There is a sweet spot where premium design, price and function meet. These kind of watches are amazing, but they’ll still run you in about $150 - $500. Some of my favorite brands are Seiko, MVMT, Daniel Wellington, Casio, Hugo Boss and Tissot.

But today I’m going to show you how you can get one of those watches at a whopping 90% discount! Which means that you can get a $500 watch for just $50, no gimmicks or catches included.

My favorite affordable brand is Curren watches, these guys have a knack for making beautiful watches that fit into that $150 - $500 sweet spot.

So if I had a budget of $500 to get a watch, I would definitely get one of those, and with a budget of $50 I would still get one of them, only this time I would get it with their 90% discount!

Yes, you can get one of these watches if you act fast for just 10% of the price. NO JOKE, and I’m going to show you why and how you can do that in just a moment.

You see, CURREN is an amazing watch brand. One of the things that really struck me about their watches was their unique designs.

Nothing over the top like many cheap chinese manufactures, and they sure as hell weren’t trying to be ripoffs of the big names.

Beautiful, affordable premium watches with over 30 different designs.

I have lost count of how many times people have stopped me to admire my watch when I was wearing one and ask me what company made it. And as far as they were concerned, I was wearing a watch that looked far more expensive than it was actually worth.

And that is because unlike most other affordable brands, Curren watches are built in homage to some of the most beautiful and stylish watches ever made.

You’re not going to fool a real horologist with it. But it’s definitely going to get you a lot of compliments, and who knows, the right one might just help you clinch that $1 million dollar deal!

And now you can grab any of their most popular watch designs for less than $50 dollars because of a FINAL clearance sale.

For less than $50 I’d say that would be the deal of a lifetime.

Curren as a watch brand is getting acquired by a new company, changing their name and rebranding.

I was sad when I heard this, but it turned out to be good news, because they are having a massive 90% discount sale on all existing stock so they could start making new ones with the new name and logo.

There is limited stock available though. They’ve tried to limit the number of watches per household to just 10 each, but even then these watches are going to be going fast.

Some of them will probably become collectors items soon.

You can click below to find out more about their FINAL CLEARANCE SALE and how you can get one of these watches for yourself, and at less than $50 dollars for a $500 watch, I’d say that would be a deal of a lifetime.

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What Do Customers Say?

Below is some feedback from men all over the world that bought a Curren:

“After looking at this watch and many others I finally settled on this one. I don't know exactly why, but it just stood out for me. Maybe because it's a Curren, who are known for their great reputation. As you can see by the picture it looks stunning. It is my first watch in this price segment and I am very happy with it. It has a powerful vibe to it, which is one of the reason I really like wearing it. Overall I am very pleased!”

“Beautiful watch, not too big for my wrist, looks luxurious and classy with a very reasonable price. I think it looks amazing without breaking the bank and Curren is a reliable brand I can stand behind. Highly recommend.”

“I absolutely love this watch! It's my new "everyday" watch, and it's an incredible value for money. It has a similar look to many classic vintage watches. One thing I'm not crazy about is the fit of the bracelet, but it's not really a problem”


Conclusion: Curren is Awesome

Should you get a Curren watch? Well, that depends if you are looking for a men's luxury watch of the highest quality and masculine design - then Curren is perfect for you, especially considering they are having a 90% sale right now. No matter if you use it in your everyday life, business or on special occasions - you will be satisfied with your Curren.

With the current price (and temporary 90% discount) it’s hard to argue against getting yours today.

Where Can I Purchase?

If it’s still in stock you can order from the official website.

The clearance sale will end in

Get 90% Discount »