MUST READ If You Are Over 65 - How This Doctor Approved Health Device Saved My Life And Prevented A Major Stroke

If you are over the age of 65, statistics show that your health may also be in danger and you might be at a greater risk for cardiac issues and other illnesses that do not show symptoms until it is too late. And if you read this short article to the end, I am going to show you a simple way you can safeguard your health right now and prevent severe illnesses in the future without needing to visit the hospital everyday or go on a regiment of drugs.

A healthy lifestyle is much more than about remaining a particular weight, staying out of hospitals, or avoiding drugs. Sometimes even the little things we take for granted everyday pile up and can show us how unhealthy we actually are, at the worst possible times, with SEVERE consequences.

This was a lesson I learned the hard way after passing out in a restaurant one day. If it wasn't for the smart health tracker I was wearing, things would have been a lot worse and a heart attack could have ended everything. The last thing I remember was feeling very dizzy, and then everything suddenly going black. I woke up in the hospital where a friendly looking doctor told me that my blood pressure was very high, and that I came very close to having a stroke.

A bystander had noticed my heartwatch with the high reading on it, and took measures to save my life including bringing me to the hospital. He said I was lucky to still be alive, and if I wanted to remain alive and healthy then I would have to make a few lifestyle changes.

Statistics show that if you are over the age of 65, your health may be in danger and you might have a significantly higher risk for cardiac issues and other illnesses that do not show symptoms until it is too late.

If you read this short article to the end, you will learn a simple solution so you can safeguard your health right now and prevent severe illnesses in the future without needing to visit the hospital everyday or go on a regiment of drugs. You see, modern stressful lifestyles, our hectic daily routines and the types of foods we eat nowadays, have a lot of effects on our body that we do not know about.

Many of these problems are only noticed when they start showing serious symptoms, and by then it's already too late to do anything about it. They start out harmless and unnoticed, but gradually develop into more serious complications over time.

Now the problem with these modern health challenges is that most of them aren’t problems our ancestors ever had to deal with. Things have changed.

Now we have to worry about things like stress levels, whether we are eating too much fat and cholesterol, low blood oxygen levels, low levels of physical activity from sitting all day in front of computers or in vehicles etc.

Some of these problems are caused by very simple things we take for granted everyday. Things like drinking enough water regularly, taking a walk, meditating to clear stress, regular exercise, and keeping tabs current health status. These are all simple things we can do to prevent serious illnesses, but most people forget to do them.

Modern problems require modern solutions. And in these modern times, it is important to monitor our health regularly if we are to keep our bodies fit and healthy. But that doesn’t have to mean you'll be constantly be going to the hospital for checkups.

There is an easier way, much more efficient and fun way to monitor your health, and remind yourself to do all those little daily things that keep your body in tip top shape. And one the most effective modern solutions for maintaining optimum levels of health can be found in smartwatches with health and fitness trackers.

The heart is the most important organ in the body and is responsible for keeping us alive. No heart, no blood, no life. It’s as simple as that.

Being able to monitor your heart rate and blood pressure on the go is one of the keys to preventing and reducing your risk of a serious illness like a stroke or heart attack.

Fitness trackers are quite common now and are almost a basic necessity, but most people still don’t have one because they think they are too expensive and fragile to wear around.

The Apple Watch sometimes serves as a makeshift fitness tracker but it is highly overpriced and lacking in a lot of basic features.

But thanks to the innovative minds at HealthWatch, there is now a new doctor approved device that allows you enjoy the benefits of a durable and fully functional fitness tracker at an affordable price.

Introducing the HealthWatch

Now you can monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels anywhere and anytime with just the touch of a button.

With the HealthWatch® you also receive regular reminders to keep pushing towards your fitness and health goals, and help to maintain those healthy habits.

This watch will remind you to get up and get moving when you’ve been sitting too long, or to go have your regular glass of water.

See HealthWatch in action below:

HealthWatch - The Best Smartwatch 2019

Fitness Tracker

The built in pedometer helps you easily track how many steps you’ve taken that day and how many calories you have burnt.


Certified Waterproof

It is completely waterproof, meaning you can wear it wherever you want (even in the rain) without worrying about getting it wet.


With its stylish design, it goes well as a sporty watch and can also be worn with formal attire and clothing. Imagine a SmartWatch that will not only measure every aspect of your health, but also help you feel better. HealthWatch is packed with awesome features, here are some of the great benefits of owning one:

Who is behind HealthWatch?

The design comes from a group of retired doctors who wanted a SmartWatch that could constantly keep you updated on your health, while also helping you choose a more healthy lifestyle. We only have one life here on Earth, and you shouldn't risk having your life end when you can easily prevent it.

With their own medical experience and recently patented medical technology, they come up with a design for the ultimate SmartWatch for improving your health.

In cooperation with a talented team of engineers, they managed to create a sophisticated and elegant SmartWatch. It was much more complicated than they expected, but they persisted, and in the end was very successful. They soon realised that this watch should not only be used by people with health issues, but would be the ultimate smart watch for everyone. Investors all over the world wanted to invest in this revolutionary SmartWatch.

So, to sum it up..

Not only does HealthWatch monitor your health and physical activity while remining you improve your lifestyle, it also has a elegant design that goes well with any outfit.

Instantly connect and sync your iPhone or Android.

Works with both Apple and Android phones.

Sounds Great, What's the Price?

Most of you probably already know what price range SmartWatches are being sold in.

It’s not unusual to find the more popular one being sold for $400 or even more.

And to be honest, HealthWatch could easily be sold for that price too.

With it’s advanced medical features and high-tech functions.

Real doctors built this watch!

But even with all this in mind, the price of the HealthWatch might surprise you.

While you most likely have to pay $300+ for a new SmartWatch (unless you want to buy some crap from china) the HealthWatch can be yours today…

...for just + Free Shipping worldwide!

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This is an AMAZING deal!

What Do Customers Say?

Below is some feedback from men all over the world that bought a HealthWatch:

“Excellent! Very good quality, including the animated graphical interface, solid armband. Many functions with a hidden game that's really fun. Great battery time, I haven't charged it for three days and it still has 80% battery. Good Bluetooth distance, and I love the app on my phone. Magnetic charger works quickly”
- Michael K.
“This is my third smartwatch and this one is way better. Pulse tracking works great, heart rate and blood oxygen tracking too. Battery is excellent, even when I play the built-in game a lot. Comfortable to wear, I often forget that I'm wearing it. I strongly recommend HealthWatch to everyone over 50 because it can help save your life”
- Frank R.
“At first I had my doubts of the quality, since all SmartWatches have a tendency to break after a while, but the HealthWatch did not let me down! I have a very active lifestyle which also means that I use the fitness tracker a lot, which works very well. It syncs super fast with my phone. I strongly recommend HealthWatch to everyone”
- Robbie M.

Conclusion: Is HealthWatch Worth It?

Is the HealthWatch for you? If you are looking for a full-featured SmartWatch of the highest quality and advanced medical features - then HealthWatch is for you. No matter if you use it in your everyday life or out on extreme adventures - you will be satisfied with HealthWatch.

With the current price (and temporary 50% discount) it’s hard to argue against getting yours today.

Where Can I Get HealthWatch?

If it’s still in stock you can order one from the official website.

UPDATE: ClearView is now available with a 50% Discount!
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